1.8/3KV VFD Cable 3C+3E

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International  EN 50173;EN 50288-4-1;ISO/IEC 11801;ISO/IEC 61156-5


LANmark-7 cable is a 4pr STP with individual pair foils and an overall braid offering superior performance to 1000MHz. It is fully compliant with the Category 7 standards and when installed together with the GG45 LANmark-7 connector as a system is guaranteed to exceed even the toughest channel requirements.


LANmark-7 is the highest performing standardised solution in the market and will support all current and planned data applications.  

  • All Ethernet applications including
  • 1000Base-T
  • 1000Base-TX
  • 10GBase-T
  • CaTV up to 862MHz
  • Any future Class F application
  • Cable sharing applications


Installation is one of the unique features of LANmark-7 cable.  Extra attention has been paid to ensure screen coverage is maintained both during and after installation.  The cable is been designed specifically to offer both optimum performance and ease of termination when used in conjunction with the LANmark-7 GG45 connector.