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In the year 2000  Winteb has developed the WIN2000 air pipe head series which has set the standard in air venting. This series is also produced out of seawater resistant aluminium. The advantages of seawater resistant aluminium over our competitors which use cast-iron, welded hot dipped iron/steel constructions or stainless steel is that aluminium (DIN1725) will not corrode, requires no maintenance and obviously will save you a lot of weight. Furthermore the WIN2000 series has a space and weight saving design that is revolutionary compared to other Air Pipe Heads.

For example: The dimensions of the ND 50 will be ø 106 mm by 161 mm. The weight of the ND 50 will be an astonishing 2 kg.

The space saving design will allow you to put the air pipe heads somewhere away where it does not form any obstacle anymore.

Because of its volumetric design we have achieved an average higher volumetric flow. Especially the larger sizes have got a phenomenal volumetric flow The design is protected by international patent pending no. 1014531. Like the WIKO 5000 series the WIN 2000 series uses O-ring sealed retaining ring. This way the PE ball together with the O-ring provides the best possible leakage protection

The WIN2000 series is available in three executions;

The type 1 execution is our normal execution air pipe head used on, for example, ballast tanks.
The type 1-B is executed with a larger anti splash water shield. It is recommended for use one tanks in which absolutely no splash water is allowed. For example on Fuel/oil tanks.
The "small flange" connection type air pipe head is designed in co-operation with the "DAMEN Shipyards"group.
It is our type 1-B air pipe head with flange diameter which will not exceed the diameter of the air pipe head. This way you will never have large flange (obstacle)underneath a small air pipe head, just take a look at our DN50 model and how compact it is, and you do not need much space for installing the air pipe head. See picture for the 3 different versions:


During classification testing for the new WIN2000 series we also have conducted a "wave test" for our WIN2000 air pipe heads. This test was to examen the effects of "heavy weather along with a lot of splash water" on the air pipe heads. The results were very good and it has proven that the WIN2000 air pipe heads are designed for use in tough circumstances. This together with a test to examen the effects of long-term ballasting makes Winteb v.o.f. the first company to conduct these test. All test are done in co-operation with Germanischer Lloyd. Yet again Winteb is ahead of regulations and is leading the air pipe head market with their developments.

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